It is finally here, after the long critical wait. The first of its kind in the long line of SUVs, range rover produces a convertible which is nothing short of magnificent. Its charms and aesthetics are typical of the brand with the signatory range rover aggressive facial structure and the lavish interior. This new colossus retains the features of its predecessor, the Range Rover Evoque coupe but breaks away with a far more advanced infotainment technology, control systems and navigation apparatus.

The developments in the new evoque convertible include powerful alloy wheels, LED night lights and quality textile with ability to deploy at a cruising speed of 30mph. Its deployment down time revolves around 18 seconds while uptime is 21 seconds. Cargo weight limit is at 8.9 cu ft which is the same for the coupe version including its protection device which consists of an automated aluminum bar which emerges and auto fixes itself in position at 90millisecond.

The convertible features a 240 hp, 2.0 liter turbocharged, 4 cylinder gasoline, 9 speed auto transmissions, and optional front wheel or four wheel drive. The momentum of 0-60 mph is attained at 7.8 seconds which tallies with the previous coupe.


The clear intention and objective behind the structuring and production of the convertible Range Rover Evoque is solely to optimize and systematically design a more extravagant luxury feature that takes the SUV concept into the future with a severance from conventions and the adoption of a stylish intellectual design which better serves the purpose of opulence. Although it is still found to carry features from the coupe design, it tops an advantage with it’s fully leather upholstery, the latest touch pro infotainment system which is smart phone compatible, WIFI connectivity, and power front seat.

Entry pricing is set at $51, 470.

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