Top Classic Motorbikes of All Time

When we talk about classics the first thing that comes to our mind is cars. But cars are not the only automotive that are classics, but motorbikes can be classics as well. Over time many motorbikes have been produced by the top manufacturers like the Harley-Davidson, BMW, Honda, and so on. Some of these have become classics that the super- rich and wealthy collectors would like to have in their collection. So here is the list of top classic motorbikes of all time.

  • Harley-Davidson WLA

The Harley-Davidson WLA was solely manufactured for the U.S Army to be used in the Second World War. It bears the resemblance of the Harley-Davidson WL but slightly different from it. It could withstand the muddy battlefield and also had leg guards and windshield to avoid the spray from the mud and puddles. It also had a kind of blackout lights that were handy during travelling with a military convoy at night. The production of WLA was available from 1940 to 1945 which resulted in the production of 90,000 WLAs. Still today, it is the coolest green colored heavy army motorbike ever built by the Harley-Davidson and sure enough any collector would love to get his hands on it.

  • Indian Chief

The Indian Chief is one of the coolest classic motorbikes ever built. It was first built in 1947. The Indian Chief can hit 85 mph in third gear even with a 1200cc engine. The Indian Chief also broke the traditional rules and put the hand operated shifter near the gas tank and a left foot clutch. What made its ride extra smooth is its rear suspension. The Indian Chief is prized among the bike purists and the prized collectors. The Indian Chief is still available today and it is one of the most sought after classics.

  • BMW Slash 5

The most reliable among the classics, the BMW Slash 5 series also make the list of the top classic motorbikes of all time. They also came with advanced technologies like electric starters and telescopic forks. The fastest and the best of the 5 series was the R75/5 with the speed of 110 mph. BMW Slash 5 are definitely the most famous classics of 1970s.

  • Honda Rebel

The Honda Rebel is the classic of the modern era bikes. Built in 1985, it was a revolutionary bike with its classic built and loud spoiler. It had the best fuel efficiency and the most reliable bike of its time. Its 234cc V-twin engine could speed up to 70 mph. Light-weighted and style made it very popular among the riders and it still is.


  • Triumph Bonneville

The best production of the British company Triumph is the Bonneville. Nicknamed ‘Bonnie”, it was first built in 1959. Bonneville broke many land speed records with its speed of 115 miles per hour which was unimaginable during its time. This bike redefines the word classic. Its quality, style, and speed made it very popular among the professionals and the celebrities.


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