Tesla: Automobile Revolution

Tesla- hearing this first thing that pops in to one’s head is the name of the great Nikola Tesla-a scientist whose discoveries and ideas are to this day unrivalled. However, a very specific thought lingers in one’s mind upon hearing his name- electricity, that’s right folks; this is the reason Tesla Incorporated chose this name.

Tesla is an American based company that specializes in the manufacture of electric cars, lithium ion batteries and also commercial solar panels.

The CEO and founder of Tesla: Elon Musk had long dreamed of ending global warming- and his cars are very much evident to his statement. The electric cars manufactured by Tesla have changed the way people view electric vehicles. In 2008 they were the first to introduce the first ever electric sports car: Roadster, which was fairly a commercial success. Their major breakthrough came with the production of Model-S. Model S placed Tesla in the book of prominent automobile manufacturers and not only electric car manufacturers. Very soon they were the second best-selling plug in vehicle of all time falling behind of Nissan Leaf. They followed their success with the production of Model-X; another major commercial success.

All eyes are currently on the latest Model-3 which was announced last year. It is priced at around USD 35k and is said to be the next big thing of electric cars.

Tesla has made people realize a very important fact-that we can still enjoy the comforts of an automobile without the depletion of the environment. In fact this has been the core idea of Tesla throughout the years- they are more than just an automobile manufacturers- they are rather dreamers – dreamers who dream to save this world from the hands of global warming. They are really giving people second thoughts about electric cars!

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